You tell us what you would like to be researched and how much you want to spend. We will then work within that budget to find the answers you are looking for.   

This package can be particularly useful if you have already been researching your family tree and have come to a “brick wall”, we may be able to help find your missing ancestor so that you can carry on with your journey. This service is also good if you are looking for specific records on one of your ancestors such as military or probate documents.

We usually recommend an initial purchase of 4 hours but if you have already started your own research, then you may find you require less time. If our investigations are completed in less time than you have paid for, then we will reimburse you for any hours that are remaining.

Cost: £15 per hour plus £9.25 (cost price) per certificate

Project time: dependent on project requirements

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A big thank you to Budding Ancestors. They have helped me get over obstacles and go so much further in my family tree than I thought possible!

Charlotte, London