Here are a few questions that you have asked us in the past:

What information do I need to provide you with?

To get started on your family tree, we will need to know the names of your Grandparents, any dates you have for them (birth, marriage, death) and where they lived. Even just approximate dates and places of residence can be useful. If you can go back further to your Great Grandparents that would be even more helpful. Look out for any certificates you might have inherited or perhaps books given as school prizes. These can provide all sorts of useful facts.

What if you can’t find any of my ancestors?

We will have an initial consultation with you via email to discuss your requirements and see what information you have to get us started on your quest. We will tell you at this stage if we think your information is too “sketchy” to proceed but if we are able to go further, we will do a  preliminary search for you. If in the unlikely event that this search comes up blank then you will only be charged a £20 consultation fee to cover expenses and the balance of your initial payment will be reimbursed.

What if I order one package and want to upgrade to a more comprehensive package?

We are happy to upgrade your order and will only charge you the fee for the package you eventually choose (ie. you won’t be charged for both separately).

How do I make an order?

It’s easy to order a package or one of our other services. Just go to the “Contact us” page and send us an email with your requirements. We will get back to you to arrange an initial consultation via email.

How do I pay for an order?

After the initial consultation, we require 50% of the fee for that particular Family Tree Package before we can proceed. The remaining 50% is to be paid on completion of the project. If you choose a Custom Package, then we will agree on a budget beforehand and 50% of that will be paid prior to any work being carried out. The remaining balance will be paid on completion. We accept payments by personal cheque or Paypal. 


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